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Ropinirole Diary: the sixth week and the Automatic Watch Test


Requip XL comes in strips of 14, so, after two weeks on the drug, I’ve just finished the first strip. Exciting, isn’t it?

I still can’t really tell whether there is much difference, but I think that there might be a small improvement. It seems as if my left arm might be less stiff; maybe it is swinging more freely. But it’s hard to be sure.

So, I decided to swap my watch back to my left wrist. I’m right-handed, and always used to wear a watch on the left, until it started to malfunction a few years before diagnosis. I took it back and forth to the jewellers’, but still it would not run all day. This watch is an automatic winder – that is, the motion of the wearer’s arm causes a small weight to spin inside the casing, which in turn winds the spring. But, of course, if the watch isn’t being moved enough (and Parkinson’s was holding my arm abnormally still, even before I realised that anything was wrong), it won’t be properly wound, and it won’t run correctly. I’ve written about this before, in my post, “With Hindsight…”, and it also cropped up in Cecil Todes’ book.

So, as SENSE-PARK, with its high-tech wrist-worn monitor, isn’t ready yet, I’m making use of my very own low-tech (albeit cleverly engineered) wrist monitor.

I switched my watch back to my left wrist on Sunday morning. It’s midday Monday now, and my watch is still telling the correct time. Maybe these drugs do work… only time (ahem!) will tell.

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6 thoughts on “Ropinirole Diary: the sixth week and the Automatic Watch Test

  1. Nice watch – let’s hope it works!

  2. I’m enjoying my visits to your blog…such insightful posts! That “automatic watch test” info is fascinating…I can’t wait to share that one with my doctor at the Parkinson’s Institute to see if she’s ever heard of that!

    • Always a pleasure to have you visit, Sarah! I’d be fascinated to hear what your doctor says, too. She may have come across Todes’ history; he was certainly known to Oliver Sacks. Perhaps she will recall Todes’ watch-related anecdote.

      The watch test itself is a bit crude, and possibly a little obscure; I imagine that relatively few people wear clockwork on their wrists these days, let alone self-winding clockwork.

  3. The watch ran down overnight, which basically means it didn’t quite get enough winding yesterday. It’s back on the right wrist today, because I have somewhere I need to be this afternoon and I don’t want to be late because of a slow or stopped watch – but I will be trying the “automatic watch test” again. Maybe next week…

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