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Ropinirole Diary: the fourth week


Crikey, these are boring illustrations. This week, I scanned the strip.This was the last week of the starter pack. Three green tablets, 1mg each, making a daily total of 3mg. I only managed to completely miss one dose.

Guess what? I still haven’t noticed any difference.

I completely forgot to mention that, during the second week, I did venture to drink a little wine. Now, the leaflet that comes with the starter pack insists that alcohol should be avoided. It doesn’t say why. All it says is, “You should not drink alcohol while you are taking ReQuip.” Now, I do not think that anyone who knows me would describe me as a lush. In fact, I’m a bit of a lightweight when it comes to alcohol, and I always have been. But… well, it’s kind of nice to share  bottle of wine every now and then, isn’t it? And I don’t like not knowing why. So I did a bit of hunting around on the Internet, and I found several instances of people saying that they were on ropinirole and they still drank alcohol; most of them added that the effect of the medicinal drug was to magnify the effect of the social drug (by which I mean the alcohol). The usual effect of a small excess of alcohol on me is drowsiness. Which I was already experiencing (although how much was due to the ropinirole and how much was due to general tiredness from having Parkinson’s and how much was due to late nights is a moot point). So what happened when I drank a bit of wine? I felt a bit sleepy. But I was already feeling sleepy.
More exciting news from the front line in drug experimentation the next time we open a bottle of wine…

After consulting my Parkinson’s nurse, I visited my GP and requested 4mg Requip XL (that’s the prolonged release ropinirole tablet – so I get to take it once a day instead of three times), to start tomorrow. I’m still on rasagiline as well. Because it did make a bit of a difference – and just in case it is neuroprotective. (Rasagiline and ropinirole work in different ways, so they should complement one another.)

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4 thoughts on “Ropinirole Diary: the fourth week

  1. You are a star ….. love the way you write so sensible so clear so beautifully crafted… helpful, insightful joy……

  2. Hello. Great blog. Very useful to a recently diagnosed 42 y/o – who has been advised to go on Ropinirole. Are you still on it? How did it work out for you? Would be really really interested to know. G x

    • Hello, Gaynor. I’m glad you find the blog useful; that was the hope when I started it. Regarding ropinirole – yes, I’m still on it (16mg daily), and it seems to be working out fine for me. It may, possibly, be exagerrating a desire to paint, but there are a multitude of other factors at play there.

      Of course, how Ropinirole might affect you is a very individual thing. I have heard that it may affect men worse, and that it will only exagerrate existing character traits.

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