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Shiver me timbers…


Cold is not much fun for the average person with Parkinson’s. You could say that Parkies don’t like it when it’s parky. And you’d be right. It seems that shivers and tremors don’t work well together. Or, actually, from my experience, I would say that the shivering induced by the cold conflicts with the rigidity that so many of us Parkies suffer from (up to 99% according to EPDA), but not, alas, in a good way. Shivering kind of fights with the rigidity. So you get even stiffer, and you’re still shivery. It tires your muscles. And, of course, it makes the tremors worse – it seems to magnify them.

All this is from my own limited experience. It’s anecdotal. It’s not official.  But I do know that other people with Parkinson’s don’t like the cold, either.

I also know that keeping moving helps. Long, brisk walk outside in the snow*: I’m looking forward to it. Up and over the downs! Making snowmen and igloos: I can do that (if there’s enough snow). Painting a snowy landscape en plein air: haven’t tried it; want to do it, but fear that I won’t be able to (maybe I’ll take a selection of cameras instead). Standing around in a chill and windy playground: not so good.

*They tell us that we may have another snowy winter in the UK. I think I prefer snow to just plain cold.


4 thoughts on “Shiver me timbers…

  1. My first post here:
    (i) thanks for the blog, I enjoy it and I find it informative/useful/strangely comforting.
    (ii) I must be in the 1%; no rigidity (yet), but when I shiver my tremor goes into overload. Wifey suggests we move to Italy…

    • (i) You’re welcome. I started the blog partly because it was what wanted to read when I was first diagnosed, and I couldn’t find it (well, not from the UK). Turns out that there always were Parkie blogs out there – they’re just hidden away or not exclusively about having PD. My links page has a few instances.
      (ii) Italy sounds good!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. I shake so much when it’s cold. Thought it was just me. Weirdly comforting that it’s not! Wrap up warm!!

    • Ah, well, you see, that’s why we need to talk amongst ourselves. Your consultant isn’t going to tell you stuff like this. You keep warm, too! The forecast seems to be predicting a short term warmer spell… (but no landscape painting for me because it’s half term!).

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