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Ropoinirole Diary: the third week

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This past week’s dose consisted of two tablets: a white one and a yellow one, giving a total of 0.75 mg, three times a day (2.25 mg altogether). There still doesn’t seem to have been any effect on my symptoms, although I feel a bit less drowsy (either my system has got used to it, or I suppose it could be a result of me getting a bit more sleep). However, I gather that it can take some time for ropinirole to start working, so I’m being patient.

I’m very happy to report that there is still no sign of any nausea or of any desire to go and spend all my husband’s money on impractical lingerie or anything else of that ilk (you don’t think that buying a bunch of art supplies on eBay counts, do you?).

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One thought on “Ropoinirole Diary: the third week

  1. sounds like its going well…glad to hear it. it’s a bit of a waiting game isn’t it? i hope you continue to do well with it.

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