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New patient-led site: Parkinson’s Movement

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There’s a new kid on the block. A new Web site, Parkinson’s Movement, was launched yesterday, 9th August 2011. From the site’s own “About” page:

PARKINSON’S MOVEMENT is a novel concept designed to engage people with Parkinson’s in their own futures, by raising expectations, knowledge and opinion, with the ultimate emphasis on a cure.

PARKINSON’S MOVEMENT is a research-focussed,  patient-driven platform for information and canvassing within the Parkinson’s community. Informed bloggers, webinars, polls, debates and so much more create a patient-focussed hub.

The three people behind it – Jon Stamford, Sara Riggare and Tom Isaacs – all have Parkinson’s.

The site is well-designed and promises to be a useful resource. It appears to have links to The Cure Parkinson’s Trust (a charity based in the UK), but this is not explicit.


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