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Walked the Walk


The start of the walk: leaving KingsclereAs planned, I completed my 20 km Solo Walk yesterday here in North Hampshire. The weather was kind to me; it was warm, but not too hot, overcast but not raining. My boots were slightly less kind to me; I have a burst blister on my right heel (I botched the blister plaster application), but I’ve had worse. I also managed to avoid getting lost.

The scenery was astounding, as usual, and I very much enjoyed myself.

I didn’t make enormously good time, not least because I was wielding a camera to record the route. (Of course, blister plaster stops and, ahem, one ‘comfort break’ may also have affected my time.) Nonetheless, I covered the route (calculated on Google Maps at 20.5 kilometres or 12.7 miles) in 5.5 hours.

I managed to leave my SD card behind, which limited the route photography somewhat (fortunately, my camera has a moderate internal memory). However, I have covered a large part of the route before, so when I figure out how to present them coherently, I may well pad out the images with a few taken a week or so previously.


3 thoughts on “Walked the Walk

  1. Well done you. What did you think about, aside from wanting you slippers ……

    • Oddly, slippers didn’t feature… mostly I was thinking about the terrain – what it looked like*, what bits of it were called, whether I needed to worry about tripping over a tree root, where the next tricky bit of navigation point was. That sort of thing. And listening to the bird song.

      I find walking very relaxing – you can think about anything or nothing, but on a long walk in the country, I tend to walk out all the superfluous thoughts.

      (Every now and then, I thought about trying to make my left arm swing. At those times, I was marching along!)

      *For purposes of, in approximate order of importance: enjoying it, photographing it, and the potential of painting it. One day.

  2. It being a Sunday, I encountered a few more people than usual (I’ve been walking while the kids are at school). Occasionally, I exchanged a few words – curiously, this time it was mostly cyclists that I spoke to.

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