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A personal perspective on Young Onset Parkinson's

New York Times on “Marching Through Life with Parkinson’s”

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The New York Times has an article discussing Parkinson’s Disease and a few strands of research:

Marching Through Life With Parkinson’s

Marching Through Life With Parkinson’s

The article, written by Jane E. Brody, talks about how patients cope with the condition, including touching upon the subject of medication and – with a little more emphasis – physical exercise. It includes Young Onset patients (in fact, it begins with one), which makes a pleasant change. Then the subject of research is broached, and we get reference to the Michael J. Fox Foundation (whose post on Facebook alerted me to the NY Times article, and who fund a lot of research into Parkinson’s). The ongoing development of a biomarker for Parkinson’s progression is covered, as is a form of radical gene therapy. There isn’t room in this type of article for a general survey of current research, but the two elements selected seem to represent the breadth of what is being studied.

It’s a nice piece of journalism, and it’s good to see the condition covered in such a high profile newspaper.


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