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Relaxation Exercise for the Hands


This is a simple exercise that I learnt during the physiotherapy class in which we attempted visualisation.

(c) ZalamandaIt’s very easy. It probably doesn’t need illustrations, but I’ve done some anyhow.

Make you hands into fists – as tight as you can.

Then release the fists and stretch out the fingers to make a star shape – as wide as possible.

A few repetitions should release some of the tension that has built up in the hands and forearms (my left hand gets very tight at times; it’s uncomfortable, verging on painful) and may also restore some of the ‘lost’ function for a short time.

I find it slightly easier to do this exercise with both hands simultaneously; the able right hand ‘leads’ the left. It certainly loosens the affected hand up, and it does seem to help with functionality. I hardly lost any ‘A’s on that last bit of typing!


Incidentally, even with a half-frozen left hand, the darn thing doesn’t stay properly still to be drawn! I had to reposition it (a trivial task) several times for each drawing.


2 thoughts on “Relaxation Exercise for the Hands

  1. Thanks for showing the wonderful hand exercise.

  2. The hand exercise which you have learned form the physiotherapy class it’s awesome. Really its very easy and very helpful in my hand when I do it practically. I get reflection in my hand and also fell comfortable from my finer pain. Thanks for the article.

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