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Just Walk changed to Solo Walk

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Scarpa AttakDespite all of my bravado earlier in the week, I’ve had to face up to the fact that there has been no miraculous recovery, and I am still suffering quite badly from the after effects of the bout of ‘flu I had last weekend, and, ultimately, that I am not fit enough to walk 20km of downland without all the marshalls begging me to go home.

So, there has been a change of plan.

I will not be done out of my walk. I will, instead do it solo. I am very fortunate to live amongst some beautiful downland (Watership Down is just around the corner), and I am sure that I can plot out a 20 km walk (or slightly over) that takes in lots of ups, downs and other hilly bits – all without using up a drop of diesel (for such is the fuel that the current Zalacar runs on).

I will do this walk when I am fully recovered, on a date as yet unset – but I will plan it in advance, and I will tell the blogoverse when it is – and I will proudly wear my Parkinson’s UK T-shirt. And I will complete the walk on that date regardless of the weather (within normal boundaries) or the pollen count.

And – here’s the really good bit – you can still sponsor me! All of my existing sponsors can bask in the warm glow of their generosity, knowing that they didn’t sponsor me to recover from ‘flu, and that I will be doing a walk similar to that advertised, and all of my new sponsors will find that my JustGiving page is still open and accepting monies to be donated to the worthy cause that is Parkinson’s UK.

Edit: My solo walk was completed in July. You can read about it here and see the route, with a few photographs, here.


One thought on “Just Walk changed to Solo Walk

  1. Just as I thought I was recovering from the ‘flu, I managed to contract a chest infection, which has drastically affected my ability to walk. I’ve had two week-long courses of antibiotics and, while vastly improved now, am still not up to long walks.

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