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Just Walk Update

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Our grass *really* needs trimming.

Recently used Scarpa boots, with daisies

Ah. Well, you see, the plan was that I should be oot on them thar hills right now instead of sitting here with my laptop warming my knees. But the best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men, as the great man Robert Burns did write, gang aft agley*, and mine have been scuppered by an ‘ orrible dose of the ‘flu.

I retreated to bed on Friday (some might say that it was a ridiculously extreme reaction to the royal wedding, but my plans were to avoid that by taking to the hills; I tried going for a walk but was defeated by my illness) and barely emerged until yesterday (Bank Holiday Monday), which is also when I recovered my appetite.

Right now, I still have hopes of being just fit enough to Just Walk on Saturday, although I daresay I won’t be breaking any records. However, as of today, I’ve still got a bit of a temperature and couldn’t even face the short walk to school. I sent my convalescent husband instead (I think he’s been a bit shocked to suddenly find himself the healthiest adult in the house).

I’m just hoping that this flippin’ cough goes away, too. It could make climbing hills somewhat… troublesome.

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*The best laid schemes of Mice and Men, go oft(en) awry.


One thought on “Just Walk Update

  1. poor you, I do hope that you recover swiftly and that you are able to do the walk.

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