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High Heels and Dystonia

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Dolcis block heel shoes, bought circa 1996

These be the shoes...

I don’t often wear high-heeled shoes, but I had occasion to do so yesterday, when I had a job interview. I also had a good wander around Andover, where the interview was.

I decided not to wear the orthotic insoles. They don’t actually seem to help very much, and in some shoes they make my feet ache more than they would without the insoles. I gave my interview shoes (block-heeled lace-ups which go nicely with a trouser suit) a spit and polish and off I went. By the end of the day (not-very-stressful interview and a couple of hours of fairly purposeful town-walking), my feet were fine. I realised that I had scarcely been bothered by the dystonia at all.

The only problem with heels is that I haven’t mastered the art of running in them.


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