Blogging with Parkinson's

A personal perspective on Young Onset Parkinson's

Parkinson Society Canada’s Awareness Campaign

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A striking set of images and an accompanying video comprise the Parkinson Society Canada’s current awareness campaign, which illustrates the idea that Parkinson’s causes your body to turn against you.

In the still images, people are restrained by numerous hands, preventing them from doing simple, day to day tasks. The restraining hands bear a striking resemblance to their own hands.

(Click on the images to see the full size PDFs)

An unreasonable part of me resents the fact that the individuals shown all seem to be older people, so reinforcing the idea that Parkinson’s does not affect younger people. Of course, there are only three images, and most sufferers are older.

However, it does seem to represent an element of how it feels to be failed by your own body in this way (my own, mild, symptoms, are nothing compared to the sort of thing illustrated, but I can definitely identify with the idea of restraint and involuntary positioning). It also completely ignores tremors – the most visible, and perhaps best known aspect of the condition – which I think is good.

In the video, below, a sort of evil twin violently attacks a man as he attempts to answer his telephone:

This chap doesn’t look so elderly, it has to be said (perhaps a youngish actor was required for those fight sequences?). Thankfully, I’ve never experienced anything like that – the worst I get is general slowness and clumsiness, with the very occasional, and very short term, temporary paralysis. But I think I can see what they are getting at – convulsions and awkwardness of movement, basically fighting against your own body’s reluctance to do what you know it can do…


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