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Last week was a busy one. On Monday, I went to see my consultant; on Thursday, I visited the skeleto-muscular podiatrist.

My consultant seemed happy with the way things were going and the way in which I have reacted to Rasagiline. I have another appointment in six months time; previously, he was seeing me every four months. I don’t think it’s due to an NHS cutback…

Thursday’s appointment was a result of my physiotherapist’s having noticed a twist in my gait and stance. She told me to ask my GP for a referral to Orthotics; my GP insisted that I see the podiatrist associated with the local practice first. She wasn’t entirely sure whether I needed orthotic assistance, but she referred me anyway. I delayed the appointment so that I could see if the newly prescribed Rasagiline would have any effect on the problem. It didn’t seem to.

I’ll write about the podiatry appointment in a separate post.


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