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Helen Mirren Speaks Out

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Helen MirrenActress Helen Mirren has raised her head above the parapet and is asking for support and understanding for people with Parkinson’s. She’s interested because a long term friend of hers has the condition.

She talks about her views in this Guardian article.

She’s hoping for a change in attitudes similar to that surrounding autism:

“You know, 20 years ago autism was this weird, spooky, terrifying thing and now it’s much, much better understood. It’s the same with Parkinson’s.”

I wonder if anybody’s considered a big name feature film along the lines of Rain Man (1988)? I imagine that Helen might consider a role…


One thought on “Helen Mirren Speaks Out

  1. Well, now. I’ve just discovered this:

    Love and Other Drugs

    It doesn’t feature Dame Mirren, but it is a film, released in the US in November 2010, which features a romance between a young pharmaceutical sales representative (Jake Gyllenhaal) and a young-onset Parkinson’s sufferer (Anne Hathaway). It’s a comedy drama and I have to say that the plot synopsis does not, as it happens, make me want to book a babysitter.

    However, it’s based on a book (non-fiction, Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman, by Jamie Reidy), so I might trundle over to Amazon and see if it’s going cheap.
    Update: Book duly sourced, read and reviewed. Film as yet unseen…

    (By the way, the book’s title is pretty dreadful, isn’t it? I wouldn’t normally consider picking up a book with the words ‘hard’ and ‘Viagra’ on the cover. No wonder they decided to use a different title for the movie.)

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