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Dropping ‘A’s

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One of the annoying little features of what Parkinson’s is doing to me at the moment is how it’s affecting my keyboard use. Fortunately (I think), I’m not a touch typist (I tried to learn, but got offered a new job before I finished the course), but I do use both hands on the keyboard. As an aside, I’m also glad that I’m not a pianist. It must be horrible to lose that kind of skill.

Obviously, I can still use a keyboard. I can still spell and I’m not terribly prone to typographical errors. It’s my left hand that is most affected by Parkinson’s, so what tends to happen is that my right hand does most of the work; my slow left hand sits around on the extreme left of the keyboard and I don’t expect very much of it except for the occasional [Shift] or the letters Q, A, Z, and sometimes a W or an S. In fact, I tend to leave a finger poised on the A key. The English language has relatively little use for Q and Z, and even W is not as common as A (S, on the other hand, is very common, so it is shared between the two hands).

But, to my shame, my left hand can’t seem to help but miss its cue for A. I send the signal, ‘A’, and the appropriate finger seems to do something (does it just not press hard enough? It’s hard to tell), but when I check the text, there are A’s missing all over the place.

So, if you hppen to notice tht there re   few letter s missing, now you know why.

Every now and then, though, the wires get crossed or something and I get too many A’s. (I think that resting finger gets stuck in the down position.) aaaaaaaaaa. They’re easier to spot.


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