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Meeting the Parkinson’s Nurse

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June 2010

The Parkinson’s nurse ‘phoned to make an appointment with me soon after the physiotherapist’s visit. She, too, does home visits.

I enjoyed her visit. We sat and chatted about various things – not all of them to do with Parkinson’s.  She talked about her job – how she was one of only two Parkinson’s nurses covering the whole of Hampshire – and about NHS funding. I didn’t get the impression that her position was actually being threatened, just that she had been asked to do more when she was already pushed. Hampshire is one of the larger counties in England; here in the north, we are relatively rural (and so more spread out, making the job of a visiting nurse a little trickier), but in the south of the county there are two large cities (Southampton and Portsmouth), and a third, smaller city – Winchester, the county town – is also south of centre.

I felt a bit better about the situation after talking to her. She seemed to think that having Parkinson’s isn’t the worse thing that could happen (it isn’t, of course, not least because there are medicines available to treat many of the symptoms).

A few days after her visit, she ‘phoned to tell me about a drug that she thought would be suitable for me: Rasagiline, brand name Azilect. She suggested that I investigate it further and consider it.

Read ‘The Second Opinion’.


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